I heard/saw the Sprague's Pipit skylarking at Felton from 1115-1130
today....fascinating display!  I was at the pipeline post for a while, but
with the higher winds, I could not hear a thing over the wind turbines.
So, I walked a couple hundred feet north into the field and had an easier
time.  Another thing that should be noted about the location that I haven't
seen posted before, possibly because many visits have been early in the
morning--there is an apiary between the parking area and the pipit spot.
So, if you happen to be allergic to bees, expect to see a large swarm of
them and *bee *prepared for that.  They never bothered me (I'm no
beekeeper, but I think they're typically pretty docile), but I did have
lots of them flying around me, especially where I parked.

I attempted the Spotted Towhee reported at Buffalo River State Park, but
was unsuccessful--there is a fairly large area to search based on the
directions on "Recently Seen", so it's possible I missed the correct area.

Shawn Conrad

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