Hello birders,
I had some time before work this morning so I got out to Grey Cloud Dunes
early (5:45am) and refound the Bell's Vireo - a pair - in the thicket about
50 yards north of where the previous info stated they were.

It took a while to hear them and then see them. They briefly popped up and
disappeared.  The Catbirds, Thrashers, House Wrens & Field sparrows were
nearly cacaphonous and made it difficult to pick them out of the din.

Also seen there (aside from the usual suspects) was a flock of about 15
Cedar Waxwings.

I also surprised a coyote, who was finishing his/her morning rounds and did
not expect to see me out in a field, away from a trail, at that time of day!

PS: prepare for ticks - both kinds.

Jim Ryan
Saint Paul's Westside
One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and
Nature shall not be broken. -* Leo Tolstoy*

A well governed appetite is the greater part of liberty. - *Lucius Annaeus

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