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For the past ten years we have been using a JXA-840A with EDS for quantitative geological 
work, it's been OK, for analytes > about 0.2%, but there is a chance now to make a case for 
a brand-new 'proper' EPMA.

The complication is that we have to find as many potential users, from within and without the 
University, to support us.

In the School of Engineering there are a couple of SemS, with close ties to local industry, and 
because their standardless analytical packages give element concentrations to two decimal 
places, they and their users accept that their results are quantitative (!).

They are likely to oppose our getting a new EPMA as it would probably reduce their revenue 

I know virtually nothing of probe applications outside Geology.

I would really appreciate hearing of EPMA projects and applications in non-geological fields 
to help me prepare a case. It would be great to list those for which an EPMA beats an SEM 



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