Lee Ann Landstrom (who is not on the MOU Listserve) mentioned to me this
morning that she has been hearing and finally saw a Carolina Wren in her
neighborhood and asked that I post the sighting. The bird has been
around for several weeks and it usually can be heard in the mornings on
the 2700 block of Zenwood Ave South,  St. Louis Park.   Having heard
them myself in New England, I know they have quite a loud vocalization.


I had a Black-bill Cuckoo calling at my house (Medina, Hennepin Co) over
the weekend and the Indigo Bunting is still singing from the shrub line.
Other than the House Wrens and Phoebe, it has grown much quieter.


Madeleine Linck

Medina, Hennepin Co., Minnesota 

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