Following animal care at the nature center, Laura Coble and I went in
search of some of the birds found there a bit earlier in the morning by
others. Of particular interest was the Cuckoo seen by them in one of the
pine plantations on the north side of the property. However, we elected to
check first in the plantation area directly behind the meeting-lodge. We
found immediately the Redstarts and the Empid they had reported, then
spotted another warbler, a Magnolia, based on what Laura was able to see.

From there we proceeded behind the north-most pines, down into the dry
ravine crossed by a wooden footbridge. There we came across one apparent
Thrush that gave us views too poor for specific ID. We back-tracked with a
mind to searching the pines area to the south for the Cuckoo, but were soon
arrested by the sound of foraging Chickadees. As hoped, we found warblers
among them, 3 very active Black-and-Whites.

Something else very blue, not a Jay or Bluebird, showed itself for a
frustrating flash. The search for that turned up the Hooded Warbler, a rear
view first, followed by a good look at the full hood.
At that point I was called away to bring a needy Bluebird to the Wildlife
Rehab Center; we found a young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak on the way back
to the car, but the Cuckoo search was suspended.

Linda Whyte

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