Bicyclist Chris Holman observed three soaring large white birds with black wing tips earlier this afternoon.  He has powers of observation that would equip him well for future birding (no apology needed, Chris).  His email is attached.

Frank Berdan, St Paul

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Thanks very much for the information today. Very helpful!

As I mentioned, I'm a cyclist, not a birder. Forgive me if my observations seem amateurish. 

To recap what I saw:

	* I was was on the bike path on the north side of the bridge that crosses from Fort Snelling to St. Paul. (Highway 5)

	* I noticed a bald eagle soaring immediately overhead, and stopped to take a look.
	* Far above the eagle were three birds, soaring over the Mississippi in a tight triangle formation. (100-200 yards high?)

	* Their bodies were white, and the wings were black towards the tips.
	* After our discussion, I've been looking at Google Images of the undersides of: white pelicans and whooping cranes.
	* In comparing these two images, I believe that what I saw more closely resembles that of the whooping crane. In the first place, their bodies were quite slender and the legs seemed to extend at some some length from their bodies. Also, the black on the wings was towards the wing-tips, appearing as if their were dipped in ink. From the images of the white pelicans, the black extends down the wing, and this is not what I remember seeing.
	* One more thing. The threesome was soaring in circles quite effortlessly. I don't recall seeing any wing movement whatsoever.

Thanks again for speaking with me. 

I hope that you find the above interesting and/or helpful.

All the best,
Chris Holman



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