Exiting the Home Depot tonight @06:30ish.
Saw 2 large white birds flying off to the east near Home Depot in Shakopee.
The birds nexks were a bit more 'muscular' than the Heron/Egret, the wing flight pattern was not like the Heron/Egret either!
The neck was fully extended forward & slightly down ( more flamingo-like ) with a upward bend; not tucked in like the Heron/Egret. 

I could make out a primarily all white body, could not confirm black primary wing tips. 

I followed the birds but lost them driving the streets near CR 13 & Eagle creek? towards Culvers.
I drove along 169 following the bodies of water along the way; no birds but was able to rule out all herons & egrets since I did see those flying while on the chase.
These birds had a completely different wing beat, posture & flight pattern than an Egret/Heron! 

I raced home; grabbed Sibley. 

The only thong that 'fits' is the white Ibis, but based on the typical southern range, unlikely!


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