Had a probable Yellow-throated Warbler on Milaca Hiking Trails, just off 23 in Milaca, west of the high school.

While observing a small, mixed passerine flock near the marsh, a warbler popped out for a brief observation.  The strong yellow on its neck extended to the upper abdomen.  There were black lines surrounding the yellow on its neck.  However, the warbler then vanished, and was not refound.

The yellow was not a wash, as  on so many warblers, but was bright, even stark.  It extended further than an on an Audubon's YR Warbler, but not beyond the upper abdomen.  I believe the black outline on the neck rules out Parula, but allow for a misobservation of a fall, first year female (?).  The yellow did not extend to the head, as on the nearby Yellow-throated Vireo.  There were no lines present in the yellow portion.

I'm calling this probable due to the shortness of the look, the possibility of a parula & the reality that I only observed the bird from one angle.

Al Schirmacher
Princeton, NN

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