Hello everyone!

The next Web Standards meeting, the first one of the academic year, is
coming up *next* Friday, September 21st!

Our previously-billed presenter had to back out due to some schedule
conflicts, but Amanda Costello has stepped up to the plate with a
great offering:

"I Don't Have Your Ph.D. - Working with Faculty and the Web"

How do you make sense of and promote faculty research if you have no
background in their subject area, let alone an advanced degree? How
can you work with difficult faculty personalities, from the complete
technophobe to the extreme early adopter? This session will draw from
Amanda’s experience as a web designer and content strategist in the
College of Education and Human Development. Learn how to channel your
faculty’s expertise into great web content, and build their trust in
your knowledge and skills. Bring your questions, triumphs and war

We're ordering pizza this month, but we'll try to keep the menu varied
through the year. Please RSVP at the link below by noon on Thursday
the 20th so we have a good head count.

Location: 325 Education Sciences
Time: As always, food and networking from about 11:30 to noon, then
we'll start the presentation.

Please RSVP at:


PS: Want to just know the dates, times, places, and subjects of web
standards meetings?  Try the Google Calendar!
Gabe Ormsby
Web Project Coordinator
Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Administration,
University of Minnesota System