This morning I led the weekly hike for Duluth Audubon Society. We had some
great finds, including a Harlequin Duck, Red-throated Loon, migrating
juvenile Peregrine Falcon, and more! To anyone interested in attending next
week's walk, we'll meet by 7:15am at the recreation parking lot near the
end of Park Point. Hope to see you there. eBird lists from this morning,
and photos below.

Park Point this morning

Canal Park this morning

Harlequin Duck (from this morning). Observed from the east side of Canal
Park, looking east over the lake. Kudos to Larry Kraemer for finding this

Meadowlark (from this morning). We were leaning towards Eastern Meadowlark
due to the higher-contrast head and relatively pale malar (handle-bar)
streak. Any feedback on this bird is appreciated!

Some fun shots from two days ago...

VARIED THRUSH (in-hand at Hawk Ridge, two days ago)!

White-throated Sparrow (edge of Hawk Ridge, 2 days ago)

Fox Sparrow (edge of Hawk Ridge, 2 days ago)
Merlin (Park Point 2 days ago)

Herring Gull (Canal Park 2 days ago)

Icy sunrise (Park Point 2 days ago)

Good birding,
Erik Bruhnke
Duluth, MN

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