We continue to have 40+ Common Redpolls, a lone Hoary Redpoll and a dozen
Pine Grosbeaks at the Audubon Center feeders.  White-winged Crossbills have
been working the tops of spruce trees snapped to the ground by the October
storm.  Three Black-billed Magpies have been sharing a deer carcass with
the woodpeckers, chickadees, a Dark-eyed Junco, bobcat and ermine.  I found
a handful of Cedar Waxwings amongst the 60+ Bohemians all over the crab
apples along the streets of downtown Warren today. A Rough-legged Hawk, 4
Common Ravens and a Short-eared Owl in the CRP on the west side of Polk
County 68 at the Marshall County line (in the Agassiz Valley impoundment).
Over 100 Snow Buntings and at least 2 Lapland Longspurs along US 75 between
Warren and Angus.  4 Bald Eagles hanging around in the fields along
Minnesota Hwy 1 east of Warren.  A Northern Cardinal is a regular at the
feeders on Minnesota Hwy 1 on the west side of town (by the Snake River).

Heidi Hughes
Agassiz Audubon Society
27391  190th Street NW
Warren MN  56762