Went looking for Red Crossbills or Evening Grosbeaks in Douglas
County again and turned up NO crossbills or Grosbeaks of any kind, nor any
Snow Buntings nor H. Larks nor L. Longspurs. There WERE many redpolls in
many places, mostly feeders and in grasses alongside roads. I've had only
one Hoary in Douglas before, in '03 or '04 (I think,) but they are not
frequent. This one was with three Common Redpolls and was very distinct
(probably male.) It had VERY faint streaks (2) along the sides and very
very faint blush on the breast. It appeared larger than the Commons and was
distinctly whiter overall including the secondaries and wing coverts. The
bill appeared "stubby" and the forehead was distinctly white, making the
"poll" on the head appear smaller than on the Commons. The bird was at a
feeder along Douglas 91 between MN 114 and MN 27 along the NW corner of
Lake Mary in a front yard.
           Heard a Raven at my farm property (again) N of Miltona. Had 28
species overall including 32 Trumpeters near the outlet from Lake Carlos,
one N. Shrike, 3 Rough-legged Hawks, an adult Bald Eagle and 3 Red-Tails.
Also had a group of 24 Wild Turkey trot (amble? waddle?) down a gravel road
in front of me for a block or so. Found a headless hen pheasant carcass in
a ditch and then noticed the severed head on the opposite road shoulder...a
vehicle aerial??? Go figure!
            John Ellis-St. Paul

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