There was a message on the Duluth RBA from Eric(?) Hanson that he saw a Boreal Owl in 
east Duluth today on the 1500 block of Vermilion Road.  I'm not real familiar with this 
neighborhood, but Google Maps puts it somewhere between Hawthorne Road and Wallace 

I also relocated the Boreal Owl in Two Harbors at dusk today, west of 3rd Street between 1st 
and 2nd Avenue.  After quickly running down the alley so I could (finally) get it for my yard list, 
I ran into three visiting birders from Ohio and the Twin Cities who were looking for the bird.  
We relocated it and watched it hunt around a cedar hedge, then heard the distress calls of 
what was probably a House Sparrow.  The owl landed on my neighbor's fence under their 
flood light with the songbird in its talons, giving all three birders good looks at their lifer Boreal 

Jim Lind
Two Harbors

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