Snowy Owl déjà vu of last winter along 700th St. (west of CR 3).  Two owls were seen today around 4:15 PM.   The first, a rather dark owl with a dark skull cap, was seen on a utility pole along 700th between 110th and 120th St.  #2 owl was on a utility pole about a mile east between 120th and CR 3.  This owl is lighter than #1 and was much tamer as I was able to observe the bird from right below its perch.

Unless there are new arrivals I plan to limit the MOU postings.  I will keep this map URL updated daily with any new sightings:,-93.003645&spn=0.017307,0.031371

You are welcome to email me directly with any queries.

Ken Vail
Blooming Prairie

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