Went on my bi-weekly quest for my Douglas County Red Crossbill and
Evening Grosbeak and struck out once again. Had 30 species for the day
however, including a Snowy Owl. I flushed him inadvertantly and he flew
south over I-94 and landed on the 6th power pole from the freeway from a
location just west of the sign along the freeway that indicates 1 mile to
the Osakis Exit (going east.) The poles are wooden poles running N-S going
over 94. I think the bird flushed from a pole on the same line about 1/2
mile north of the freeway. It may be hunting both or either side of the
freeway. The bird was heavily speckled on the back and the belly and was
flying away from me. Other birds included two Pine Siskins, six Mourning
Doves, six Purple Finches (at one feeder), Am. Tree Sparrows in three
locations, and a Red-Winged Blackbird at a feeder (the homeowner said he
showed up about a week ago.)
John Ellis-St. Paul

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