My group found a Boreal Owl while returning to Duluth from Knife River
today. We saw it about 5:20pm on the north side of Hwy 61, just west
of Lakewood Rd. This was the first Boreal Owl that I've seen actively
hunting at dusk, so it was a real treat. It was perched atop a spruce
tree before flying south of the highway and into the woods. When I've
seen them roosting or at night, I've never really had an impression of
a close relationship with Northern Hawk Owl. When actively hunting,
this bird was certainly similar, perching at the top of a tree, with
similar pattern to scapulars and "false eyes" on the back of the head.
Movements also very similar (though flight different). Very exciting.

Some photos and a link to the location are in the link below.
Obviously great care is needed while checking along the highway and
people will probably have better luck exploring roads paralleling the

Good birding,

Chris Wood

eBird & Neotropical Birds Project Leader
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York

Senior Leader, WINGS Birding Tours

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