Ron Erpelding, Mark Junghans and I extended our trip from NW Minnesota, to the NE part of the state.  We refound a number of Owls and found a few on our own.  Here are a few of the species of interest that we observed:
2/8 - White-winged Scoter - 10:30 am - We observed two adult, male and one adult female White-winged Scoter from South 22nd Ave. E, in Duluth.
2/8 - Long-tailed Duck - 8:30 am - We observed three adult male and four female Long-tailed Ducks in Agate Bay, in Two Harbors.
2/8 - Barrow's Goldeneye - 10:30 am - We relocated the adult male Barrow's Goldeneye, at the same location as the White-winged Scoter's.
2/8 - Great Horned Owl - 5:50 pm - This bird was spotted by Mark, as we were driving South on Highway 169, near the intersection of CR 35, in Mille Lacs county.  The bird was observed at the
                                                    top of a deciduous tree. 
2/8 - Snowy Owl - 4:00 pm - Ron spotted this bird as it flew into a tall deciduous tree on the West side of 310th Ave., 3/4 of a mile North of 450 th Street.
2/7 - Great Gray Owl - Cook County
2/7 - Boreal Owl - 2:00 pm - We observed the bird located along Scenic Highway 61, just West of Stoney Point Road.  Not sure who, first located this bird and we found it by spotting several
                                         cars parked along the road side.
2/8 - Red-bellied Woodpecker - 8:00 am - Two Harbors, at 4th Ave and 3rd Street.
2/8 - Gray Jay - 1:30 pm - Carlton County - A single Gray Jay was observed approximately 3/4 of a mile East of CR 61, on the North side of Gillogly Road.  
2/8 - Pine Grosbeak - 1:30 pm - Carlton County - Several Pine Grosbeak's were heard, at the same location as the Gray Jay.
Craig Mandel
Minnetonka, Hennepin County
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