I thought some of you may enjoy a short clip of one of the Boreal Owls
that we saw last weekend. I'd never seen so many Boreal Owls that were
actively hunting during the day, and this video shows some of it. To
be more accurate, I could say I had NEVER seen a Boreal actively
hunting during the day! Unfortunately, I didn't bring my video tripod
so this is balanced on a van window  it was also extremely cold so
the heat waves cause some opportunities for improvement in terms of
focus. Still, this is in my Top 5 most memorable birding events ever .
. . and I have the good fortune to go birding quite a bit. As always,
thanks to the wonderful birding community in MN for all the help. It's
always a pleasure for me to see so many friends in the company of such
fantastic birds.



Christopher Wood
eBird Project Leader
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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