Hi Everyone,

Phil Kragnes and Tonu Mikk will present at this Friday's meeting.

When: Friday, Feb 15 at 11:30am
Where: Education Sciences Building, Rm 325, 56 East River Road

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The presentation by Phil Kragnes, Computer Accommodations Program, and Tonu Mikk, Disability Services, will cover accessible HTML forms and the quarterly accessibility assessment of select UMN domains.

They will cover the components of accessible forms. Topics for demonstration and discussion include the following areas:
  • Structurally associating labels with form elements using the <label for> tag.
  • Structurally grouping and labeling sets of related form elements using the <fieldset> and <legend> tags.
  • Identification of required fields.
  • Form validation and error identification.
The second half of the presentation will provide an overview of a project in which quarterly accessibility scans of the twenty most frequented University of Minnesota Web sites are to be conducted and reports provided to each Webmaster. The presentation will cover the following topics:
  • Impetus for providing this service.
  • Domains to be scanned and the rational for their selection.
  • What information the report will contain.
  • Continued access to the HiSoftware Compliance sheriff Web accessibility assessment application.
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