Apparently the great gray owl in my yard was no fluke. The following was 
posted to the Ely Field Naturalists site today:
"Not sure if this is the case up in Ely, but the Great Grays seem to be 
everywhere in Tower right now. We are seeing owls every single day for the 
past week or so. Specifically, there are Great Grays right by the Marjo Motel, 
and also right outside of Tower on Hwy. 135 (that new triangle area- the loop 
detour). There is an owl that seems to like perching on road signs right there 
on Hwy. 135, and on the Powerain building road sign. Also plenty of sightings 
by the Y Store, Pike River Flowage, Fortune Bay parking lot, among other 
places. They are really tame, and don't seem to be bothered by cars stopping 
and gawking!

Jodi Summit"

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