Our neighbor to the north stopped by to tell me about a Golden Eagle he saw
less than a mile from the Audubon Center.   I spotted a the bird around 5pm
south of 190th Street on 280th Ave.   Further south I flushed 7 Gray
Partridge.  The township roads are full of Horned Larks - and drifting
snow.  I spotted the Golden Eagle again sitting on top of a utility pole on
the beach ridge just east of the intersection of 190th St and 280th Ave.

Further north on 280th Ave I spotted a black wolf and watched it cull a
deer from a herd along the road and chase it hard for over a mile before it
disappeared in a coulee north and west of the impoundment.   Earlier in the
day, we had three weasel species (a short-tailed, a long-tailed and a mink)
feeding on a jackrabbit at the Audubon Center.

Heidi Hughes

Heidi Hughes
Agassiz Audubon Society
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Warren MN  56762

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