We were headed home from a successful weekend of birding Sax-Zim, and we
saw a Boreal Owl actively hunting on the side of Arkola Rd (CR 52) right
where it crosses the Whiteface River (this is just a mile or two west of
Hwy 53) at about 5:30pm.
  The owl was sitting on top of small saplings about 15 feet from the side
of the road staring intently towards the exposed grass on the hillside near
the road.  After a few minutes of us parked and watching, another car
whizzed by on the road and right then, the owl dove down and grabbed a
mouse or vole.  After sitting in a nearby tree for a minute while the mouse
squirmed in its talons, the owl then absconded across the road into some
conifers to eat its meal.  One boreal owl that won't be hungry this evening!

A very cool end to a very cool weekend!


Snø! Snø! Snø! Jeg vil gå på ski!

Gregg Severson
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