Well, my spring break in Two Harbors with my family has started out on a (literal) high note. I was walking out of the Holiday on the south end of town at dusk this evening, and looked up as a large raptor landed at the very top of a tall pine across 61. At first, I thought it was an eagle. But after staring at it for a bit, the silhouette was definitely owl-like. Hopped in the car and drive over to get a better look. Sure enough, SNOWY OWL!! There was just enough light that I and my wife and kids got a good look at it perched high above us. 

Definitely a juvenile. And, may have been marked (painted). Even my non-birding family was in awe. We followed it to a few more perches before it eventually disappeared into the night.

I'm hoping to see some more northern owls and other good birds this week. Off to a good start. 

Robert Burmaster
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