Spent a few hours in southern Dakota county this afternoon in the wind and
rain. Talking with several birders at Great Western Industrial Park it
seems no one was able to re-find the short-eared owl.

The previously reported Swainson's hawk was still at the park. Between this
park and Lake Byllesby I saw 18 species of waterfowl, including tundra
swan, snow goose, and horned grebe.

There was also an interesting looking falcon species at the Industrial
Park. It was as big or bigger than a peregrine, but a much paler gray-brown
above, with a very indistinct facial markings, than any peregrine I've ever
seen. It was seen perched on a fence post on the north side of the park,
and later on a telephone pole by Hwy 56. Unfortunately it flew north and
out of sight before it afforded a positive ID. I did not see any dark on
the axillaries, but it's possible my point of view did not allow a look.

-Karl Roe

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