I had a possible Snowy Egret in flight this evening as I was leaving the
Agassiz Valley Watershed Impoundment (adjacent to the Agassiz Valley
Audubon Center in Polk County).  The bird was with a group of 8 Great
Egrets, had no visible yellow or blue patches (for Cattle Egret or Little
Blue Heron).  The feet and a little of the legs were yellow.  Distant and
poorly lit pictures below.  These have been cropped and blown up.  Let me
know if you want the originals.  Hopefully everyone can see enough of the
size and proportions of the bird to come to a consensus.

Note: clicking Slideshow will make the images a little bigger

I personally ID'ed it as a Snowy in the field, but grabbed my camera to
take pictures instead of confirming the id.  Feel free to correct me if you
disagree.  Personally I think the proportions of the bill and body are off
for Cattle Egret and I believe that by May Little Blue Herons should be
showing some splotching.  Leg color was also off for Little Blue Heron.
Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.  If I'm reading the checklist
correctly, all three of those species would be great for Marshall County in

Other interesting species seen recently:
COMMON REDPOLL 1  Agassiz Audubon Nature Center (Polk County)
TRUMPETER SWAN 1+ Agassiz Audubon Nature Center (Polk County. Calling. Flew
into Marshall County with a group of Tundra Swans)
GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE 3 Agassiz Audubon Nature Center (Polk County.
Flew into Marshall County)
HERMIT THRUSH  4 Agassiz Audubon Nature Center (Polk County)

BOHEMIAN WAXWING 10-15 Downtown Warren, MN (Marshall County)  Very late?
WILLET 2 Agassiz Valley Impoundment (Marshall County)
EARED GREBE 1 Agassiz Valley Impoundment (Marshall County)
WESTERN GREBE  ~10-15 Agassiz Valley Impoundment (Polk and Marshall

A note on the Bohemians.  They were viewed at eye level in a bare bush from
across the street (sidewalk to sidewalk).  Larger than Cedars, extensive
white on the wings, red under-tail coverts.  My started reaction and then
hasty attempts to get my camera out flared them.  Hopefully I can find them
again tomorrow morning.  Aren't these guys a month late in leaving?

Bill Blackburn
Minnesota Audubon
Warren, MN

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