*Student Advisory Workshop at ISHPSSB 2013*
*"Navigating Intellectual and Professional Transitions in an
Interdisciplinary World"*

All student members (and any other interested members) are encouraged to
attend a workshop at ISHPSSB 2013 in Montpellier, organized by the ISHPSSB
Student Advisory Committee.

*Time*: 1pm on Tuesday, July 9th (note: this is during the 2-hour lunch
recess, which begins at 12:30, so there will be time to get lunch before
the workshop)
*Location*: Colloque 1
*Overview*: This workshop focuses on advising students looking ahead at the
rest of their PhD program and transition to professional life. Students in
the history, philosophy, and social studies of biology face particular
opportunities and challenges in engaging with multiple disciplines. Pursuing
a doctoral degree and career in these fields can involve major intellectual
and professional transitions, e.g., from the context of a pure humanities
background to engagement with the life sciences, or from an
interdisciplinary PhD program (like HPS or HSS) to professional life in a
traditional disciplinary department (like Philosophy, History, or
Sociology). There will be a panel discussion on issues involving these
transitions, and time for audience Q&A.

Chair: Sandra Mitchell (U. of Pittsburgh)
Panelists include:
-- Rachael Brown (U. of Western Ontario)
-- Maria Kronfeldner (U. Bielefeld)
-- Lukas Rieppel (Northwestern University)
-- Michael Weisberg (U. of Pennsylvania)