Call for 2014 Off-Year Workshop


The ISHPSSB Off-Year Workshop Committee invites proposals for workshop for 2014. Proposals are due to the Chair of the Off-Year-Workshop Committee (Akihisa Setoguchi, by December 20, 2013. Proposals must meet the following requirements.


l  Meetings must be interdisciplinary, including at least the disciplines of history, philosophy, and social studies of biology.

l  Meetings must meet all of the requirements of the Society concerning accessibility, open access, and open invitations to members.

l  Meetings must reflect the international nature of the Society.

l  Meetings that are organized around a particular theme should do so in a way that appeals to the Society’s membership broadly.


Complete proposals will include the following information:


1. Statement of Mission and Vision

Why is a meeting on this topic, challenge, or problem necessary, important, or timely? Why is the proposed format appropriate given the goals of the meeting?


2. Proposed Site

Why is the chosen site appropriate? What are its advantages? Is the venue accessible? (Accessibility details are available here: Is the area well served with respect to air and ground transportation? Is the site difficult for international travelers to reach? Are there adequate housing options? Is A/V support available? Are the rooms air conditioned? Is there adequate parking?


3. Proposed Date

Are the facilities available on the dates chosen? Are there conflicts with other meetings on similar topics?


4. Proposer Name, Affiliation, and Contact Information


5. Expenses

ISHPSSB will not provide funding for off-year meetings, but the Committee will want to make sure, in the interest of the society, that costs to its members are reasonable and that the proposers have secured sufficient funding. Proposers should therefore provide actual or estimated costs for:


1. Housing options

2. Registration costs, if any

3. Parking

4. Banquet, if any

5. Total costs for participants


Proposers should also document, as best they can, that they have secured funding appropriate for the size and style of their meeting.