I've used UMConnect for remote user testing. On their end, they'll need a
USB headset w/ mic if you want to record the audio w/ video (or I think you
can pay for a phone conferencing line to be hooked in so the recording can
capture both). If no audio (synced w/ video) recording is needed, regular
phone line should work fine.

As I recall, you invite them into the room, then promote them to a
presenter so they can do screen and/or app share. They may need a plug-in,
esp. if doing screen share, and who knows, that may require an admin


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Both Google Hangout and UMConnect can do screen sharing and are free,
University licensed tools.


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> Hello everyone:
> We have rebuilt our staff only pages (password protected) and I want to do
> some user testing with our staff, who are spread out across the state. My
> plan is to do a screen share with them while we're on the phone together,
> read out the tasks, and watch while they complete the tasks and describe
> their obstacles.
> I've used usertesting.com before, and that worked great for public pages,
> but that doesn't make sense for this section (signing staff up as testers
> through usertesting.com is an obstacle, etc etc)
> Can anyone recommend a screen share software? I haven't done this before.
> Thanks!
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