Though I have not used it for user testing, I have had luck with to troubleshoot issues with endusers. I am 
on the phone with them when we are doing this, so no need for a headset.

On 8/8/13 10:40 AM, Ann Nordby wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> We have rebuilt our staff only pages (password protected) and I want 
> to do some user testing with our staff, who are spread out across the 
> state. My plan is to do a screen share with them while we're on the 
> phone together, read out the tasks, and watch while they complete the 
> tasks and describe their obstacles.
> I've used <> before, and that 
> worked great for public pages, but that doesn't make sense for this 
> section (signing staff up as testers through 
> <> is an obstacle, etc etc)
> Can anyone recommend a screen share software? I haven't done this 
> before. Thanks!
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