Along the dirt trail beside the stream, on the south end of Carleton
College Arboretum, at least two Hermit Thrushes were foraging near the
water and on the hillside, among a flock of Robins. Also present, a bit
upstream, were at least two Brown Creepers.
The college's brush pile, in the field that borders the playing fields on
the south side of hwy 19, continues to host a variety of sparrows,
including White-throated, Fox, Chipping, Lincoln's and Song. The nearby
tree-line along 19 had a large number of Bluebirds and Juncos as well.
At the campground in Nerstrand Woods State Park, a pair of Red-headed
Woodpeckers were foraging. The ranger reports that the Red-heads have been
gathering a huge store of acorns, and thinks they may over-winter there.
Linda Whyte

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