I have received a number of requests for information about the Lewis's Woodpecker.  I didn't post earlier because I am not subscribed to the listserve.  

The Lewis's Woodpecker is at the house of Janet Anderson near the town of Roosevelt.  It's on CR 17 (which is the Roseau/Lake of the Woods line).  You turn north from CR 11 and cross the tracks, the house is the first house on the left.  Janet said I could post this information, but not their phone number.  Janet and her husband are up early, so do not stop by in the evening.  Also, she has asked that nobody park in the driveway--only along the road shoulder.  Birders are welcome to stop by during the day without prior contact--I did let her know that there could be many birders visiting if the bird sticks around.  The bird is a little skittish if you get out of your vehicle and they are hoping to keep it around, so Janet asked people to be mindful and avoid disturbing it.  It has been there for 4 days so far.  I was there from about 9:30 to 10:30 this morning and it was present most of the time.

The bird has been feeding at the peanut feeder in front of the house.  It might be a nice gesture for a birder or two to drop off a bag of unsalted peanuts or a peanut suet block for sharing this bird--I left a bag of sunflower seeds not realizing there was a peanut feeder.  The woodpecker was also in the tree above the feeder, on a telephone pole in the yard to the north, on the woodpile to the north, and it also visited a feeder at another neighborhood residence.  I knocked on the door to inform them that they had a cool bird and to see if they were interested in welcoming birders, but I got no answer, so I would highly recommend just being patient in front of the Anderson home.     

The Lewis's Woodpecker also aggressively chases a Hairy Woodpecker whenever it shows up.  A few Evening Grosbeaks flew over while I was there.

I birded some areas along 72 and 11 on the way back, but the only birds of note were Black-billed Magpies, Snow Buntings, and Rough-legged Hawks.  

Shawn Conrad