Greetings all

While running an errand in central Clay County this morning, I found a juvenile Prairie Falcon at the intersection of CR 113 and 57th Ave.  This is about 3 miles west and 4 miles north of Hawley along the Lake Agassiz beach ridge.

I first spotted the falcon on a power pole.  As it flew off, I noted the black axillaries and underwing coverts contrasting with the rest of the undersides of the wings and pale tail.  The falcon flew off very low, gliding frequently over a field to the WSW, over the top of a poplar tree farm, and out of sight.  I attempted to relocate but was unsuccessful.

The front that passed through may well have pushed the falcon into the area.  Also today in Fargo, a fellow birder found a juvenile Glaucous Gull just west of the Fargo landfill - my first for North Dakota.

Good Birding!

Pat Beauzay
Fargo, ND

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