Our next Web Standards meeting is coming up on Friday, November 15th. In order to ensure timely lunch delivery, please RSVP by the end of today if you plan to attend:


Tony Thomas from Student Unions & Activities (SUA) will give an overview on how to get started using SASS--a CSS preprocessor. Jim Hart from University Relations will join him to talk about popular SASS libraries and how they used them in responsive web design projects.

Web Design standards are moving at a very fast pace and developers can’t always keep up. SASS (and mixins) can help save time by generating vendor-prefixed CSS values for you. It also lends itself to better organization of styles with things like variables, loops and control structures. It also makes it easy to separate styles into many files and “import” them to generate a single, minified CSS file. In short, it saves time-and it’s fun!

The talk will be part presentation, part demonstration and part Q & A.

Location: 325 Education Sciences

Online: Google Hangout--we'll post the link on this list shortly before we begin.

Time: As always, food and networking from about 11:30 to noon, then we'll start the presentation.

PS: Want to just know the dates, times, places, and subjects of web
standards meetings?  Try the Google Calendar!

Gabe Ormsby
Web Application Developer
University of Minnesota Libraries