Hi all,


We are running a JXA-8200 EMP using a Sun workstation and operating software version V01.11 from June 2002.


Lately we have been getting error messages that stop analyses such as


"File Open Error #foldernames#/.qnt/174/1.qnt”


This has happened before and seems to be a ‘my brain is full’ error, despite the software saying that 55% of the hard disc is still available.


We erase files (especially images) and we seem to be ok for a while until the error pops up again, and we suspect it has something to do with the way the instrument stores the data in different places and it may have something to do with fragmenting and cleaning the partitioning.


Any suggestions would be helpful!


Cheers and glædelig jul





Tod Waight

Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management

Geology Section

Copenhagen University

1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

ph 0045 35 32 24 82

www.geo.ku.dk - www.ign.ku.dk


KU (FA og tværgående)_bomaerke



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