Many people reported Snowy Owls from the Vermillion area (Dakota Co.) on 
12/31 and 1/1. Susan and I saw three each day, of at least four 
different individuals. From eBird reports that included specific 
location, time, and sometimes description/photo from those two days, I 
conclude there were at least seven different individuals within a 3-mile 
radius of 180th St. E/Goodwin Ave. intersection. One (which we did not 
see) is a sparsely marked presumed adult male reported by several near 
190th/Hogan. A different lightly marked presumed adult was near 
170th/Emery Ave. Others were more heavily marked. One that we 
photographed each day (identified by head pattern) moved about 1.3 miles 
between the two sightings. All reports over these two days have been in 
the area connected by these points: Emery, 1/4 mi. N of 160th; 170th, 
1/4 mi. W of Emery; 180th/Emery; Goodwin/C.R. 47; 180th, 1/2 mi. E of 
C.R. 47.

Bruce A. Fall, Minneapolis

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