This afternoon around 2:05 Ron Erpelding and I were able to refind the Snowy 
Owl that had been reported in Redwood County.  The location is 0.4 miles 
south of 240th St. on CR13.  There are two wood fence posts on the west side 
of the road at that point which are part of a former fence line.  The bird 
was along the former fence line quite a distance from the road on a little 
knoll.  We had to use a scope to be certain that it was actually a Snowy 

After that we headed back to Brown County to search for the Snowy Owl that 
we had unsuccessfully searched for earlier in the day.  We instead found 
another Snowy Owl along the way.  This was a very dark immature female 
sitting on the ground 1.8 miles east of Hwy4 along CR22.  The bird was about 
150 yards away on the south side of CR22, roughly 0.2 miles west of house 
number 24955.

Herb Dingmann
St. Cloud 

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