Doug Stucki and I looked for snowy owls in Benton County today, and we found two.  One was at the intersection of Benton County Roads 4 and 58 (Town Hall Road NE).  I stayed in my car when photographing this bird, and still got some good shots.

The other was on Benton CR 13 near its intersection with 55th Ave NE.  It flew from a crosspiece on the large powerline, along the treeline, ending up on top of the silo at farm/house number 5420.

Both of these birds were observed between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.

We also drove over to Holdingford, Stearns County, but didn't find any owls in the spots reported previously.

What a gorgeous day - and not just  because we saw owls!

Betsy Beneke
St. Cloud, Minnesota

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