Hi All—

On our fourth attempt, Erika and I finally listed a Snowy Owl near
Vermillion in Dakota Co. (Hogan and 180th St E). Photographs and an account
of our adventure is on my blog:


If, perchance, anyone is interested in these photographs—if you could not
get close enough when you saw an owl or if you did not have a camera, you
are welcome to download them from the blog, you should be able to
right-click the photograph.  If you want a higher resolution copy, let me
know off-list.


Dan or Erika Tallman
Northfield, Minnesota
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The White Album: Portraits of Minnesota
Two Years Among the Odonates <http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3467428>

".... the best shod travel with wet feet...Beware of all enterprises that
require new clothes ....”—H. D. Thoreau; "Back off, man. I'm a
scientist."—Dr. Peter Venkman

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