This morning at 10:30 southwest of Dodge Center, a friend of mine and I were able to see 4 Snowy Owls from the same parked location.  This is the same are as described by Ken Vail and with location on the Snowy Owl Google-Map Mike is compiling.
The was west of MN-56 on 120th between 690th and 700th.  Two birds were East of 120th and 2 were west.
The 2 the east (owls 1 and 2): one was on a ridge 300-400 yds out from the corner of 120th and 690th and the other was by a tuft of grass about 200-300 yards from 120th just north of the middle between 690th and 700th.  The 2 west of 120th (owl 3 and 4): owl three was an unbarred owl and was 200-300 yards from 120th and just south of the middle between 690th and 700th. Owl 4 was directly south of owl 3 about 200 yards.
Owls 1, 2, and 4 had barring.
Rochester, MN