Luxemburg is just south of St. Cloud. Cross street would be 230th which
runs right into Hidden Lake Park. Luxemburg is 10.6 miles north of Kimball
on HWY 15.

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 10:31 PM, Josh Wallestad <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> After a lull the Snowy Owl activity has started to pick up again in our
> area.
> This afternoon Randy Frederickson and I went to try to refind the Atwater
> Snowy Owl in the location I reported on Jan. 22 and where it was refound by
> Bob Ekblad on Jan. 23.  Not finding it there or on any surrounding roads,
> we
> ventured a little further to the east.  Before making a left turn onto our
> next
> road, Randy happened to look right and said, "There it is."  We nearly
> missed it
> in plain sight on a pole.  The location was Kandiyohi Co. Rd. 28 and the
> Kandi-
> Meeker Road (210th St. NE) This is one mile east of Kandiyohi Co. Rd. 2 and
> about three miles north of Atwater.  Note: Google maps and eBird maps do
> not
> show this short section of Co. Rd. 28 which turns into Meeker Co. Rd. 16
> east
> of the county line, but official county maps DO have it on them.  Our
> sighting
> was at 4:15 PM.
> We got home and we both received an email from Lorel Nadolny about another
> Snowy sighting in that general area around the same time.  Lorel's
> sighting was
> 1.5 miles west of Kandiyohi Co. Rd. 2 on Co. Rd. 10 (The same location we
> had
> been seeing a Snowy a couple weeks ago).  This sighting was at 4:00 and
> over
> three miles away from the owl Randy and I saw.  So it is very possible we
> have
> two Snowy Owls in this area.
> Checking my work email this evening, I was surprised to find pictures of a
> gorgeous, nearly all-white Snowy Owl seen and photographed by a coworker in
> Stearns County today.  She was traveling from St. Cloud to Grove City via
> MN
> 15 to US 12.  I do not have an exact location, but she said she saw it on
> Hwy
> 15 between Luxemburg and Kimball, just outside of Luxemburg.  I couldn't
> find
> Luxemburg on a map and haven't heard back from her on a more exact
> location.
> Perhaps people familiar with the area will understand this reference.  This
> sighting was on a power pole at 2:00 PM today.
> Josh Wallestad
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