I was out and about for work this afternoon and found a Snowy Owl in eastern Redwood County.  It wasn't heavily barred so I'm thinking its an adult female or a 1st year male.  It was found standing in a stubble field about a 100 yards on the east side of Redwood County 13 and just south about 1/4 mile of the intersection with 240th St.  After about 5 minutes it flew west across Cty. Rd. 13 and landed in the stubble field (again about 100 yards from the road).  The spot where this owl was found is roughly halfway between the towns of Clements and Morgan.  I haven't seen a Snowy Owl in a long time so it was fun to watch it.  It was very alert and checking out everything going on around it.  Now if only one would show itself in Brown County this winter...

Good birding,

Brian Smith
Sleepy Eye

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