Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attach pictures, but

The morning was good to me! About 10am this morning I went to Ramsey, MN searching for the Snowy Owl for the second time and found it!!
Another birder was already there searching, so I joined in the search.   Between the two of us, we were able to locate the Owl sitting on a light pole on Sunwood Dr. NW- just a little South and East of the roundabout.  Just a short distance before Anytime Fitness, on the left hand side of Sunwood, looking East.   (I hope this is correct) I am a little directionaly challenged.  I want to thank a fellow birder, he reminded me to slow down and not get too close!  In my (newbie) state I was so excited I kept stepping closer and closer!  Thanks again, Tom!!!
Such a thrill!!!

Holly AntonAndover, MN
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