This morning I took my 3 oldest children (6, 5, 2 years old) to hunt for snowy owls.  We found 2!  The first was on Becker Co 13, 1/4 mile south of Becker Co 14.  It was perched on a power pole.  All three kids saw it through the window mounted spotting scope.  It only took 25 minutes to find.  They, and I, loved it.  Then we spent two hours playing in the snow in a nearby WPA.  We drove one mile from where we were playing and found another, more mottled, bird.  I think it was 320th Ave.  It's the second west/east road north of Bisson Lake on Hamden Slough NWR.  It was on a power pole, then flew to an abandoned silo.  Great fun.  Total time birding was less than one hour.  Talked to a coyote hunter who said he's been seeing several snowys north of Audubon, Lake Park, Hawley in the last weeks.    
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