My boyfriend and I ventured to Crow-Hassan Park Reserve (near Rogers) this
afternoon. The highlight was watching a juvenile Golden Eagle a little east
of the main portion of the reserve. I saw a large dark raptor with an
obvious dihedral, then saw that the bird clearly had a large head. When it
went down into a wooded ravine, I caught a quick glimpse if the white band
at the base of the tail.

Some nice spring/county birds observed or heard include: Trumpeter Swan,
Snow Goose (one mixed in a flock that was either Lesser Canada Geese or
Greater White-fronted Geese), four duck species, Great Blue Heron (2),
Northern Harrier (1), Rough-legged Hawk (1), Sandhill Crane (2-4), American
Kestrel (2), Barred Owl (2), Eastern Phoebe (1), Hermit Thrush (2), and
Eastern Meadowlark (3).

Good birding!

Alyssa DeRubeis
Lake Mills, IA

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