Denny Martin just called and asked me to post their (Denny & Barb) sighting
of an adult White Ibis at the Norgaard Impoundment in Roseau County. They
watched it through a scope from a distance of about half a mile as it
circled over the impoundment and apparently landed. Denny described it as
showing a reddish orange downcurved bill, reddish orange legs dangling
below its body, and all white plumage except for black wingtips.

Denny's directions to the impoundment are to drive east of Roseau on
highway 11 to 440th Ave N. Turn north on 440th Ave and go to 340th Street.
Turn east on 340th St and go about one mile to a dead end. The impoundment
was filled for the first time this spring and has attracted lots of
waterfowl and other birds. Denny stated that it's 9 square miles in size,
so refinding the ibis will be challenging. Denny & Barb are going to look
for it again tomorrow morning. They do not have computer access while in
Roseau County, but will call with any updates.

Minnesota has only one accepted record of White Ibis, an adult seen and
photographed in Winona County 13 May 1995 (Loon 67:71-72).

Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN
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