I was walking to the park this morning with my two girls and had my binoculars with to see if I could snag some migrating warblers when I saw a group of birds foraging on the ground to the right of me. Most of the flock was Tennessee Warblers but much to my delight the was a brilliant Yellow-throated Warbler foraging with them. The bird was only about 10 feet away so I was able to identify it instantly but of course I checked my Sibley Guide to Birds of the East that I had with me just to make sure. The warbler only had bright yellow on the neck and no-where else, it had a grayish back and two distinct wing-bars, it had a triangular black facial pattern that extended to the sides of its throat and had a longish bill. 
The bird was on the north side of the house on the southwestern corner of 41st and Nicollet, across the street from MLK park. I saw the bird at around 11:15am and looked again at 1:45pm but did not relocate it. There are a lot of tall trees in the area and a lot of small birds flying around so it will be tricky to re-find but I would be surprised if it totally left.
Always remember to bring your binoculars with you in May in Minnesota, you never know what might turn up :-)
Jason Caddy
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