Hi All-

A Minnesota Birding facebook group member posted today that she had seen a
MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD at her feeders at her home in Wright Co.

"I got a very good look at it through the binoculars. At first, I thought
it might be an Indigo Bunting, but it was too large. It looks exactly like
an Eastern Bluebird, only ALL bright blue, with some black wing markings."

She was unable to get photos but will keep looking and trying. That is
about the extent of the description, but it seems reasonably compelling! It
is also currently unclear exactly where the bird was seen and whether it
would be appropriate for other birders to search for it. I'm passing this
along mostly because this may fit in with a recent pattern of western
species showing up in the upper midwest.

If more details come to light I will try to share them here.

Good birding,
Jesse Ellis

Jesse Ellis
Post-doctoral Researcher
Dept. of Integrative and Comparative Biology,

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