A friend and I located a singing male HOODED WARBLER today at Afton State Park.  A few days ago, on the 7th, I got great views of a male PROTHONOTARY WARBLER there as well.  Both of these species were present during nesting season last year, though the Hooded Warbler was in a different location today: past the bridge on the way to the lower picnic area and down the trail to the left.

Other birds of note were a BARRED OWL, BLUE-HEADED VIREO, YELLOW-THROATED VIREO, and nine other warbler species--including a lone BLUE-WINGED WARBLER.  Two friends met us there and were also able to observe the Hooded Warbler.  We did not hear or see the Prothonotary Warbler today.

Peter Nichols
Cottage Grove
Washington County

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