This morning I found and photographed a male Blue Grosbeak about a mile east 
and 3/4 mile north of Danube on 300th St.  There is a gravel pit on both the east 
and west sides of 300th St about 1/4 mile south of 840th Ave.  The Grosbeak was 
in the northeastern corner of the gravel pit on the west side of 300th St.
You can probably see it fine with binoculars, but a scope may help.  I may have 
seen a female only briefly.

This is 1 mile west and 3/4 mile north of the Olivia brush site where Joel Schmidt 
and Randy Frederickson discovered a Blue Grosbeak family in 2012.  I went to that 
site first specifically to look for Blue Grosbeaks but did not see any there.

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Josh Wallestad

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