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The bird was seen by several observers at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday, 21 Sept. 
The bird did not return for at least a half hour by the time I left and had
not come in to chase off RT Hummingbirds as has been it's routine.  Since
the intervals at which it comes back to it's 'favorite' feeder have
increased, it seems the bird has expanded its territory somewhat.  The
ever-gracious owners indicated they'd get word out if they stop seeing this
beautiful visitor.

The directions, again are to take Hwy 169 south from the Cities.  Just after
the LeSuer water tower and car dealership (with the Cambria fountain visible
from the road), take a right on a dirt road, with Pumpkin Hill Road
indicated on a street sign.  I took a right (since the road seemed to run in
both directions) and fairly quickly found the house on the right side of the

Linda Sparling
Hennepin County
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